Price list

About payment

Since prices listed here are limited to Onna village shop, customers using Naha Store please check at each shop HP.

Thai Massage

Traial          60min    6500  Yen 
Standard    90min    9000  Yen
Long    120min  11500 Yen

Aroma Treatment

Traial         60min  7500  Yen

Standard    90min   10000 Yen

Long    120min   12500 Yen

Harbal Ball Massage

Option          20min   3500  Yen 
Standard   40min   5500  Yen
Long     60min   7500  Yen

Thai Foot Reflexology


Option          40min    5000  Yen 
Long     60min    6500  Yen

AromaDryHead Spa

Option      30min        4500  Yen
Standard     45min  5500  Yen

Harbal Hotmist Spa

Option       20min      3000  Yen
standard   35min      4000  Yen
Every 10 minutes   +1000 Yen

Combination Course


Combining full-body (whole body) courses such as Thai ancient and aroma treatments slowly, people who choose a combination of head, foot, herb ball etc are many popular menu of our shop. If you choose your favorite course and combine it will discount 500 yen from the total.

Ya-chai's Choice Course

150 Min(2~3Menu)
18,500 Yen      

210 Min(3~4Menu)
23,500 Yen

It is perfect for those who do not know which course to choose, those who want to leave to a therapist, or those who have time to relax.

※ Please reserve option menu in combination with other menu. Reservation of options only is not accepted.

Please when you make a reservation as soon as possible! ! It is a complete reservation system. In case Please make use of memories when traveling and special anniversaries! ! In case We will be happy to assist you with surprises, so please feel free to tell us. It is possible to accept a reservation of up to 4 people.