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Email reservation form

Regarding reservations: If you are in a hurry or are in a hurry, please make a reservation by phone.

*Please check the terms and conditions before using. December 24th - January 4th extra charge +2000 yen
Cancellation policy (cancellation fee is based on the scheduled usage fee)
4 hours on the day - last minute/unauthorized cancellation...Full amount
Cancellations made after 23:00 the previous day and up to 4 hours before the day of the event: 50% charge; change of visit date on the same day: 20% charge
If you are late or your course is reduced after arriving at the store...a planned usage fee will be charged.
​Please be sure to notify us by phone of any changes or cancellations. We do not accept messages etc.
・All menus for male customers + 1000 yen *If you are a male visiting alone, we will ask you to show your ID.
Customers arriving after 10:15 pm will be charged a 10% surcharge. * After 22:15, a 10% surcharge will be applied to customers visiting the salon.*During the period from December 24th to January 5thThere will be an additional charge of 2000 yen on top of the regular price.*During the period from December 24th to January 5thIt will be an extra charge of +2000 yen to the regular price.
Booking Guidelines
Thank you for your request.
Please check the following precautions before making a reservation.
◉ Cancellation fees will be charged if you cancel or change your reservation on the same day or after 23:00 on the previous day.
◉ On the day of the event, customers other than those who made reservations immediately will receive a full or 10,000 yen deposit by online credit card.
◉ If you are late for more than 20 minutes without notice, your reservation will be canceled automatically. There will be no refund in this case.

③If you arrive late, the operation time may be shortened. US>You cannot change the course in this case. Please arrive a little before the reservation time.
◉There are two places in Onna Village. I will send you a map by email. Please confirm the location of the parking lot.
Please copy and return the following information.
Advance payment will be required during the above period. Credit card / PayPay / LinePay

送信後、折り返しのご連絡お待ちください。After sending, please wait for a reply.

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